Career and Educational Advancement
Our Nursing Career Ladder Program

Clinical Ladder is a voluntary career advancement program for registered nurses who deliver direct patient care. Its purpose is to recognize and compensate nurses who practice in a clinical role of increased autonomy and responsibility and to provide promotional opportunities in clinical nursing.

Patient Care Technician Ladder Program

PCT Ladder is a voluntary advancement program for patient care technicians (PCT). Its purpose is to provide recognition and compensation for PCTs that have demonstrated a higher level of commitment and responsibility for their professional development.

Nursing Pay for Credentials

Nurses at Good Shepherd Medical Center Longview receive market-competitive pay differentials for eligible registered nurses who have obtained an advanced educational degree or specialized credentials related to his/her area of nursing practice. Some of these benefits include:

  • Expenses related to obtaining and maintaining any credential which is mandatory, such as application fees, books, examination fees and renewal fees
  • Time spent taking the mandatory certification exam is paid by Good Shepherd
  • ACLS and other certifications provided by Good Shepherd Medical Center are free for employees
  • National certifications exam costs are covered as approved

Please contact the Good Shepherd Clinical Education Department at 903.315.5287 for more information.

Shared Governance Model

The shared governance model for Good Shepherd Medical Center Longview is based on the idea that healthcare professionals working closely with patients are in the most desirable position to influence decisions relating to clinical practice. The model provides structure for clinical staff (direct care and supportive) and management to work collaboratively via hospital-wide and unit councils. This allows for the development of clinical and multi-professional care, where clinical staff have the ability and are further empowered to lead in the decision making process.

The four hospital-wide shared governance councils include:

  • Coordinating Council
  • Practice Council
  • Education and Professional Development Council
  • Quality Council

Good Shepherd Nurse Extern Program

The Good Shepherd Nurse Extern Program provides an opportunity for employment at Good Shepherd for nursing students interested in furthering clinical knowledge. Nursing students, after completing the first clinical semester, may apply for the nurse extern program. Externs may work up to 12 hours per week on selected clinical units. The extern will rotate through the units of a division in effort to increase his/her knowledge base and understanding of nursing care delivered within Good Shepherd. Learn more about the nurse extern program.

Novice Nurse Residency Program

The Good Shepherd Novice Nurse Residency Program (NNRP) offers an hourly compensation for university required clinical hours. The goal of the NNRP is to provide a seamless transition from student to registered nurse while offering a connection to employment opportunities at Good Shepherd Medical Center. Senior-level nursing students at the University of Texas at Tyler, Longview Campus and East Texas Baptist University may apply if the following criteria are met:

  • Proof of a cumulative GPA 3.2 or greater from nursing credits
  • Completion of application form
  • Letter of intent stating personal goals and interests
  • Official transcripts of all professional education
  • Three professional references

If interested in the Novice Nurse Residency Program, please contact the Good Shepherd Clinical Education Department at 903.315.5287.

Graduate Nurse Orientation

Good Shepherd Medical Center is proud to offer a graduate nurse (GN) orientation program that enables a seamless transition from graduate to registered nurse. GN orientation offers a combination of didactic and clinical objectives that prepare the graduate to assume the responsibilities and duties of a registered nurse at Good Shepherd. GN orientation offers structured classroom lectures paired with precepted clinical time. The combination of class time and clinical time allows the GN to learn about a concept and then apply the concept in the clinical setting, with guidance of a preceptor.

Graduate nurse orientation is held in January and June each year. For more information on GN orientation, please contact the Good Shepherd Clinical Education Department at 903.315.5287.

Good Shepherd Preceptor Training

Good Shepherd Medical Center fully appreciates the importance of properly orienting and training new nurses. Good Shepherd is fully committed to preparing nurses new to Good Shepherd with the highest levels of orientation and training available. The Good Shepherd Preceptor Training Program teaches experienced nurses techniques to properly teach new nurses at Good Shepherd. Preceptors are nurses with extensive clinical knowledge and expertise, who have a desire to teach. Through the preceptor training program, preceptors are taught the principles of adult learning, evaluation of personality and learning styles and the importance of open communication and dialog.

Student Background Screening

Good Shepherd Medical Center requires background screenings for all students not enrolled in a professional program who are seeking clinical observations and/or internships greater than 40 clinical hours. These prescreening requirements are the same as those required of employees (background check screens). The rationale for extending these requirements to clinical students is the concept of due diligence and competency assessment of all individuals whose assignments bring them in contact with patients or employees.

When working with colleges and universities, Good Shepherd intends to admit only qualified healthcare students into clinical rotations. Student background screenings are proven to increase a safe learning environment in addition to admitting qualified students into clinical rotation programs.

Any student seeking a clinical observation and/or internship requiring more than 40 hours of clinical time will require a background screen in addition to the clinical affiliation. If the student has completed a background screen within the last 30 days, please provide clinical education a copy. Good Shepherd Medical Center utilizes GroupOne background checks for all employees and students. The cost of the background screen is $45; students are responsible for this cost. Please click here to print the instructions on how to obtain a background screen for Good Shepherd Medical Center.

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