Education Services

Education Services has established a formal process for students seeking clinical rotations within CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Health System and CHRISTUS Trinity Clinics of Longview and Marshall.  It is the goal of CHRISTUS Good Shepherd to assist with the education process for future health care professionals.  In order to be considered for clinical placement, please submit the ‘Request for Preceptor’ form by the application deadline listed for the requested semester.  A new request form is required for each subsequent semester.
CHRISTUS Good Shepherd reserves the right to decline any student’s request if the student does not meet the requirements outlined in the academic affiliation or if there is not an academic affiliation in place with the requesting student’s college or university.  We recommend that until you have confirmation you are accepted at CHRISTUS Good Shepherd that you continue to evaluate alternative sites in other facilities.  You will receive notification by the date listed for each semester.  Upon acceptance, you will receive email notification from Education as well as orientation instructions.

Fall Semester (August – December)
Application Period:  April 1 – June 1
Spring Semester (January – May)
Application Period:  September 1 – November 1
Summer Semester (May – August)
Application period: February 1- April 1

Click here for the Preceptor Request Form.  

Please return all paperwork to: CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Medical Center - Longview, Attn: Education Department - Longview, 621 North 4th Street, Suite 2, Longview, Texas 75601 or email to
If you have any questions, please contact the CHRISUS Good Shepherd Medical Center - Longview, Education Department at 903.315.5285.