At Good Shepherd Health System, we have real-life heroes among us, and each year, we recognize those men and women who selflessly go above and beyond the call of duty to share their dedication and care to those in need outside our hospital walls. Author Ernest Hemingway said it best, “Courage is grace under pressure,” and these eight courageous winners of the Hospital Hero Award are shining examples of that.

On New Year’s Eve, Richard McGrew, registered nurse in the Emergency Department (ED), heard an ATV accident outside his home. He found two women involved in a roll-over 4-wheeler, whose injuries he assessed and treated with the assistance of his wife. Richard then drove the women home and advised women and their families to seek immediate medical treatment at the ED. Two days later, the women with the leg injury presented to our ED and Richard was her primary nurse. He again provided excellent nursing care to them without judgment for her delaying treatment.

One September morning , Jackie Hayden, Good Shepherd Family Health Center – Internal Medicine practice manager, saw a car accident and stopped to assist the victim, whom was ejected from a rolled over vehicle.  Not only did Jackie help the driver in need, but also got their relative’s phone number to alert them about what had happened.


In October, Diana Hartman, Good Shepherd ICU clinical director was traveling to New Orleans for a patient experience conference with co-workers Joey Sutton, Kandi Horn and Dr. Jeff McWilliams. Driving south on I-49, a car from the northbound lane crossed the median and struck a tow truck one vehicle in front of them. Dr. McWilliams and Diana sprang into action without hesitation. Diana held the driver’s chin to provide a good airway until EMS arrived and in spite of the constricted space and gas leakage, they remained with the victim until EMS arrived, approximately 15 minutes later.

On a trip to the mall in November, Lisa Sanders, registered nurse in Same Day Surgery Unit, witnessed a truck run through a red light and into a parking lot, nearly missing the electric pole.  Lisa noticed the passenger ran around to the driver side and appeared to be struggling with the driver.  As she pulled up to the truck to ask if they needed help and discovered the driver was having a full seizure and foaming at the mouth. Lisa immediately jumped out of her car, assessed the driver and remained with him until EMS arrived.

In December, Toni Young, a Gastrointestinal Technician at Good Shepherd, escorted a patient to her car where she found the patient’s husband unresponsive.  She immediately called 911 and PACU for assistant, meanwhile she took action and flattened the seat to perform chest compressions until the Longview EMS arrived. Furthermore, Toni remained with the patient to give her comfort and contacted their family members.  


On March 7 at night fall, Tammy Nix, a Scrub Technician at Good Shepherd, was waiting with friends to be seated for dinner at Matsu Japanese Steakhouse in Longview when they suddenly heard a loud crash from the highway. 

Also there for dinner was Nikke Martin, Clinical Director, NorthPark Emergency Department. Nikke, along with family members had just pulled into a parking space in the restaurant parking lot when they also heard a thunderous crash from the highway. Both Good Shepherd employees hurried to the scene of a terrible car accident that had just occurred on the highway. Tammy immediately noticed someone struggling to get out of the rolled-over vehicle. Nikke also noticed the struggle at the vehicle so she too aided in the rescue of the accident victim. Despite leaking gasoline and a fire at the crash site, together Tammy and Nikke freed the young girl along with her brother from the vehicle. While waiting for EMS to arrive, Tammy stayed by the side of the two children. Nikke remained at the side of the children's mother who was stuck inside the vehicle unable to be freed without the help of first responders.

In the course of a friendship, many words are expressed among longtime friends. Friends share laughs as well as hurts. Friends spend time together like seeing a movie or attending a football game. When a close friend is in need and you say, "I will do anything to help you" do you really mean it? How about donating an organ to that friend? On Tuesday, January 27, Joey Sutton underwent transplant surgery to donate a kidney to his lifelong friend. Transplant surgeons removed one of Joey's kidneys. While Joey was in surgery, another surgical team prepared his friends body to receive the organ. Both surgeries were a success.
The Good Shepherd family is proud of our heroes. They went above and beyond to provide patient focused care for the people in need without any obligation to do so. These hero stories, as well as the day-to-day hero moments, are what make our Good Shepherd family and care so great.