Palliative Care at Good Shepherd Longview
Inpatient hospice services and palliative care

Good Shepherd collaborates with area hospice care providers to offer hospice and palliative care services to inpatients and their families. This allows our staff to continue to provide acute care services as needed, while adding hospice expertise so patients are as comfortable as possible.

Once a physician admits an inpatient into hospice services, the combined team serves the patient and his or her family and can personalize care to specific preferences and needs. The hospice staff can include nurses, nurse aides, social workers and chaplains.

The patient’s attending physician, or a designated hospice physician, can coordinate all the care provided. The goal of inpatient hospice services is to enhance each patient’s quality of care while providing emotional support to family and loved ones, when patients are in the last phases of serious illness.

No One Dies Alone

Good Shepherd established this program to provide companionship and support for those in need so that no patient dies alone. Volunteer companions are notified when a patient in the hospital is actively dying. The companions come to the hospital and stay with the patient, rotating through four-hour shifts, until the patient passes. During the vigil, the companions can talk to the patient, hold his or her hand or just be a loving presence in the room.

If you are interested in volunteering as a compassionate companion, please visit Ways to Give – Volunteer Services.

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