Mother-Baby Care at Good Shepherd Longview
Complete care for moms, babies and the whole family

It’s a fact: More babies are born at Good Shepherd Longview than at any other hospital in Northeast Texas. Our Women's and Children's Services at Good Shepherd are designed to provide family-centered comprehensive care to the childbearing patients as well as gynecological patients.

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Labor and Delivery

Good Shepherd features labor, delivery and recovery rooms that are furnished with modern and sophisticated delivery room equipment. The labor and delivery room nurses are specially trained and are educated in progressive labor and support techniques, as well as a variety of comfort measures. Immediately following delivery, we encourage a Family First Hour and/or skin-to-skin contact, in which parents, their newborn and a significant other spend time getting to know each other.

Ideally, early skin-to-skin contact begins within the first hour after birth while the baby is wearing only a diaper and placed on the mother’s bare chest. Benefits of skin-to-skin contact include:

  • Calms and relaxes mother and baby
  • Stimulates baby’s digestion and regulates baby’s temperature and breathing
  • Provides newborn with added protection against infection
  • Stimulates the release of hormones to support breastfeeding and mothering
Once labor, delivery and recovery are complete, the patient is escorted to a comfortable home-like private room located within the Mother-Baby Unit.

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Mother-Baby Care

Mother-Baby Care better promotes bonding and attachment between mothers and their newborns by allowing the mother and newborn child to stay together, treated as one by the same nurse. While the participation of a father or partner in the actual birth has become routine, mother-baby care also allows the significant other to be present for the duration of mother and baby’s hospital stay. When the mother is in need of rest, at her request, the baby can be taken to the baby lounge. The lounge serves as a temporary nursery setting for new parents. The baby lounge also provides a place for newborns that need additional monitoring or minor procedures. Advantages of mother-baby care include:

  • Bonding with the baby and learning his or her early habits
  • Both mother and baby are cared for by the same specially trained nurse
  • Increases parental confidence in caring for a newborn
  • Encourages skin-to-skin contact

With more than 2,600 babies born each year throughout Good Shepherd Health System, area families have made Good Shepherd their No. 1 choice for birth services. For us, each family is special and every new arrival is precious. We’ve assembled a highly trained and caring team of experts to give the most complete care and comfort possible — from helping you through a safe delivery to breastfeeding and beyond.

Baby's First Picture  

Newborn Photography at Good Shepherd Medical Center is provided by Mom365.  Mom365 newborn photography services include baby’s own private web page. As a parent, you can choose to post your baby's portrait on the Baby Portrait Page at Mom365 Baby Portraits. You can provide friends and family your password, so they will be able to search by your last name and baby’s birth date to view baby’s newborn portraits in a slideshow. They can send congratulations and warm wishes to you and baby instantly from anywhere in the world using the Mom365 Guest Book. Visit today for more information.

The Lactation Center

Staffed by internationally certified breastfeeding consultants and registered nurses, we work exclusively with breastfeeding mothers. The center also provides lactation books, educational videotapes, electric breast pumps and other necessary breastfeeding materials. The Texas Hospital Association and the Texas Department of State Health Services together have developed the Texas Ten Step Facility Program in an effort to improve the health of Texas mothers and infants by promoting breastfeeding. Objectives include helping support breastfeeding mothers before, during, and after delivery, and encouraging facilities to identify breastfeeding resources for mothers after they are discharged. For questions or concerns regarding breastfeeding or to schedule an appointment with one of our lactation consultants, please call 903.315.5597.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Good Shepherd Medical Center is home to the region’s first Level IIIa NICU where approximately 450 infants are cared for each year. The NICU at Good Shepherd cares for babies born as early as 23 weeks gestation. In addition, the NICU cares for full-term babies with special needs. Learn more about the Good Shepherd NICU.

Nurse-Family Partnership Program

The Nurse-Family Partnership Program is designed for first-time, low income mothers and their children. The program includes one-on-one home visits by a trained Nurse Home Visitor to participating clients. Learn more about the Nurse-Family Partnership Program.

Family Education

Good Shepherd Medical Center offers a variety of educational opportunities to new families, where everyone can learn what to expect and how to help with the new baby. Choose from a variety of courses taught by certified instructors for moms, dads, families and grandparents.

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