Breast Imaging at Good Shepherd - Marshall
Life-Saving Technology

Digital mammography is the best tool in early diagnosis, and women who undergo routine mammograms at the Breast Center at Good Shepherd - Marshall have the latest diagnostic technology available to them - digital mammography. In most cases, a digital mammogram can identify an abnormal breast mass as much as two years before it can be detected by touch.

Mammography services are performed by an all-female, advanced level certified staff. In addition, our board certified Radiologists are available on-site and have received additional training in digital mammography, so your diagnosis is quick and accurate.

At the Breast Center at Good Shepherd - Marshall, we provide a comprehensive scope of services addressing your physical, emotional and educational needs in a peaceful atmosphere. You can feel at ease with our knowledgeable staff of medical professionals.

Additional Services
Diagnostic mammograms are also provided at the Breast Center, and should further testing be needed, many times it can be performed the same day. Some of these procedured might include, ultrasound, ultrasound guided breast biopsy and bone density screening.
Bone Density Screening
Bone Density Screening is a simple procedure that determines your bone health. The test measures your bone calcium and density to identify osteoporosis and determine your risk for fractures. Valuable information about the health of your bones can be gathered through this test, often in time to prevent osteoporosis.

To schedule an appointment for a mammogram or bone density screening, call 903.927.6798.
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