Mother and Baby Care at Good Shepherd Marshall
Complete care for moms and babies

The Family Place at Good Shepherd Medical Center Marshall consists of The Birthing Center, which contains five labor and delivery rooms, a surgical birth room, and two outpatient rooms, where we provide deliveries in a home-like environment. The services include outpatient testing, vaginal and surgical deliveries and post-delivery tubal ligations.

Pregnancy, Birth and You

Our childbirth education class for expectant mothers and their coach which is typically taken in the last trimester of pregnancy. The cost is $10. Several of the labor and delivery nurses also participate in assisting with the class. The students receive information on pregnancy, the labor and birth process, breastfeeding and newborn care. For more information, please call 903.937.6776.

Lactation Services

Good Shepherd Marshall offers lactation services via a certified lactation consultant. To speak to a lactation consultant, please call 903.927.6406.

Stay in Touch

At Good Shepherd Marshall, we are here to help with mother and baby care. For more information, please call 903.927.6776.

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