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This issue of
The Guardian
features a diversity of Good
Shepherd Medical Center’s quality healthcare services, from
advanced prevention and wellness to lifesaving procedures
and treatments.
We are reminded that May is Stroke Awareness Month and
how knowing the signs of a stroke and acting quickly to seek
medical attention are the keys to survival and retaining quality
of life.
My personal “ahhh” moment is the annual reunion of our
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). To see so many of our
little “graduates” thriving, growing and returning with their
families to celebrate life makes all of us at Good Shepherd
very proud. And if you are considering a total knee or hip
replacement, I encourage you to read about our Joint Works
program, which assists joint replacement patients to recover
faster from surgery and get back to living their normal lives
Of course, fulfilling our mission to improve the overall health
and wellness of our East Texas communities is at the heart
of everything Good Shepherd Medical Center does and that
is thanks to the continued support and tireless e¥orts of our
board of directors, volunteers, supporters and our entire sta¥.
Steve Altmiller
A Message from the CEO
Spring 2015
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