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f you su¥er from any of the
following – chronic heartburn,
ulcers, di§culty swallowing, consti-
pation, Crohn’s disease or irritable
bowel syndrome (IBS) – you may
want to schedule an appointment
with one of the gastroenterologists
of Good Shepherd Medical Associates.
At Good Shepherd, we are com-
mitted to delivering personalized,
state-of-the-art services and quality
care to every patient. Our team of
gastroenterologists are board
certified in both internal medicine
and gastroenterology and specialize
in the diagnosis and management of
all digestive disorders (esophagus,
stomach, small and large intestines,
rectum and gall bladder), as well
as disorders a¥ecting the liver
and pancreas.
To schedule an appointment call
(903) 236-2222.
Gastroenterologists specialize in the diagnosis
and management of digestive disorders, as well as
disorders involving the liver and pancreas.
From the throat to the pancreas:
keep digestive
disorders in check
• Daryl Buckelew, MD
• Julian Deese, MD
• Bill G. Hughes, MD
• Perry Lewis, MD
• Olusola Olofinlade, MD
• Shayne Skarda, MD
• William Torres, III, MD
Spring 2015
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