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n the time it takes you to count
to forty, somewhere in America,
someone has just su¥ered a stroke.
The American Heart Association
reports that every year more than
795,000 people su¥er strokes and
more than 137,000 die from a stroke,
making it the number four cause of
death in the United States.
May is Stroke Awareness Month,
and Good Shepherd Medical Center
wants you to know the signs of
stroke and to seek treatment as
quickly as possible. Swift response
to a stroke can make the di¥erence in
saving your life and adding healthy
days to your life. Every minute saved
is equal to almost two days
of healthy living, and 15 minutes
saved is equal to about a month
of healthy living.
If you or the person you are with
experience any symptoms of a
stroke, immediately call 9-1-1 and
note the time that the symptoms first
appeared. The administration of the
clot-busting drug called tissue
plasminogen activator (tPA) may
improve the chances of recovery,
but only if you get help as quickly
as possible.
Good Shepherd Medical Center
stands ready to care for stroke
patients and is the only hospital in
Longview that provides dedicated
neurohospitalists and neurosurgery
coverage every day of the year.
Plus, you can rest easier knowing
that you or your family member
will receive the most advanced,
award-winning care.
GSMC is certified as a Primary
Stroke Center with the Joint
Commission Gold Seal of Approval.
In 2015, Good Shepherd was named
in the Top 100 in the Nation and
Top 10 percent in the Nation for
Medical Excellence, and the Top 10
percent for Patient Safety in Stroke
Care by CareChex®. GSMC has
also been presented with the
Get with the Guidelines Stroke
Gold-Plus Quality Achievement
Award for implementing quality
improvement measures outlined
by the American Heart Association/
American Stroke Association.
*CareChex® A Division of COMPARION®
With a Stroke,
Time of the
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