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A Lifetime of Care
enry Covington McGrede, MD,
FACS, holds a special place in
the hearts of the staff, patients and
families of Good Shepherd Medical
Center, where he was a highly
respected OB-GYN for 35 years.
Throughout his career, he deeply
cared for the each and every one
of the 7,000 babies he helped to
bring into this world, earning him
the title, “The Father of Longview.”
Sadly, in April of this year, Dr. McGrede
passed away at the age of 93, but
his passionate commitment to Good
Shepherd and the generations of
families he cared for will live on
through the generous estate gift he
left in support of the hospital’s Labor
& Delivery and Oncology Departments.
McGrede’s daughter, Anne McGrede
Ashcroft, lovingly remembered her
father, “He was such a humble man,
and he was just so honored that his
patients entrusted him with one of the
most important moments of their lives,
having a baby.” She added, “Daddy
may not have realized it, but he made
a positive impact on countless lives that
will continue on long into the future.”
Born in 1922, Henry McGrede grew up
in Longview. He majored in pre-med at
Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN,
and attended medical school at Baylor
University and Southwestern Medical
School in Texas. Later, he interned and
completed his residency at Kansas
City General Hospital in Missouri and
served as a Captain in the U.S. Army
Medical Corps in Panama.
In 1949, Dr. McGrede married the
love of his life, Wanda Campbell, and
then in 1952, moved back home to
Longview to begin his medical practice
across the street from Good Shepherd.
He was a familiar sight to hospital staff,
frequently jogging back and forth, up
to the second floor of the hospital to
make his “deliveries.”
Anne McGrede Ashcroft recalled,
“He was among the first OB-GYN’s in
East Texas, so people travelled from
all over to see him. The phone at our
house rang nearly every night, but
Daddy still managed to be a wonderful
father. He worked hard to balance the
care of his patients with the needs of
“He made a positive
impact on countless
lives that will
continue on long
into the future.”
Serving as Good Shepherd
Chief of Staff (1961-1962).
A retired Dr. McGrede loving life at the lake.
Granddaughter, Alexandra Ashcroft,
with her “DeDaddy.”
Good Shepherd Guardian
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