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Ways to
he Good Shepherd Foundation, a
501(c)(3) charitable organization,
works in partnership with Good
Shepherd Medical Center (GSMC) to
promote and provide philanthropic
support to fund programs and
services, provide education and
ensure that access to quality
healthcare remains available to all
persons regardless of ability to pay.
Gifts are received through memorials/
honorariums, appreciated assets, life
insurance, trusts, gift annuities, and
bequests, as well as gifts to Good
Shepherd’s Gold Rush fundraiser,
which has raised over $8 million for
projects and services at GSMC.
Your generosity is appreciated
and helps us to continue to provide
you and your family the highest
quality healthcare possible.
For more information about
these or other giving options,
contact the GSMC Foundation at
903-315-5294 or visit GSMC.org.
How You Can
Support Good Shepherd
his family, and I knew he would always
be there for me if I needed him.”
Dr. McGrede served as the Chief of
Staff for Good Shepherd from 1961-1962
and was well known and respected
in his professional community as a
member of numerous medical boards
and associations. He and his family
were also lifelong members of the
First United Methodist Church.
In 1966, tragedy struck the McGrede
family when their younger daughter,
Kaye Lynn fell victim to acute Leukemia
at the young age of 11. “It was really
hard on Daddy as a physician because
he couldn’t do anything to save Kaye
Lynn then or my mother when she died
of cancer in 2012, which is why he
wanted to support GSMC’s Oncology
Department as well.”
In 1986, Dr. McGrede retired and
enjoyed fishing, boating and
travelling with his family and friends.
As “DeDaddy,” he loved to spend
time with his young granddaughters,
Ashley and Alexandra Ashcroft.
Through the years, Dr. McGrede
remained deeply committed to his
patients and Good Shepherd Medical
Center, and his last wish was to create
a lasting legacy of care, not only for
the health of the many babies he once
delivered, who now were parents and
grandparents themselves, but the
entire community of Longview.
Dr. McGrede’s daughter hopes that
those who are able will continue
to support the good works of
Good Shepherd Medical Center by
following in the footsteps of her father.
To learn more about making a gift
or donation to Good Shepherd,
contact the GSMC Foundation at
903-315-5294 or visit GSMC.org.
“The Father of Longview”
Celebrating Christmas with wife,
Wanda, and daughter, Anne McGrede.
Dr. McGrede with his beloved wife, Wanda.
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